An aspiring actor (Mika Boorem) accidentally
steals the identity of a big time producer (Paige
Howard), and is hurled into Hollywood’s next big Mayan
feature film. In the jungle of Mexico she is mistaken by
El Jade (Tom Arnold) as a member of a rival cartel.
After her imminent kidnapping and torture – her reluctant
father is forced to team up to save her. She rescues herself

by conning El Jade’s son, leading to her escape.

After reconnecting with her father, the two partner up with a

Mayan Priest (Nino de Marco) and steal an airplane in order to

fulfill the duties of the film and attempt to make it home alive.

Nuestra película, HOLLYWOOD.CON, es comedia, semejante a que si se cruzara la película “Get Shorty” con “Romancing the Stone.”

Una actriz (Mika Boorem) apretada y desesperada roba la identidad de una productora de cine grande (Paige Howard) sin querer y está lanzada a la próxima producción de Hollywood grande de largometraje Maya.  En la jungla de Mexico, El Jade (Tom Arnold) se la equivoca por miembra de un cártel rival.  Después de su secuestro y tortura inminente – su padre reluctante está obligado salvarla.  Ella se rescata sola por estafar el hijo de El Jade llevándola a escapar. 

Después de reunir con su padre, los dos se hacen equipo con un sacerdote maya (Nino de Marco) y roban un avión para cumplir los deberes de la película e intentan llegar a su hogar vivos. 


The film's ensemble cast includes: 

Tom Arnold,  Herbert Russell (Parks and Rec.),

Devin Ratray (Nebraska, Mosaic, The Tick, Home Alone),

 Paige Howard (Adventure Land), Brian Krause (Blue Lagoon, Charmed),  

Brittany Underwood (Hollywood Heights), Cody Kasch (Desperate Housewives),

Jackie Pucci (All Worked Up),  Robert Amico (8MM, The Last Godfather), 

Saxon Trainor (Conspiracy Theory),  Preston Acuff (Jonah Hex),  

Nino de Marco, and many others.

The project is helmed by father daughter team Benjamin and Mika Boorem.

This is veteran actress Mika Boorem's directorial debut for a feature length film.


Edited by  Anna Crane

Music by   Lendell Black

Visual Effects by  William Ortwin

Cinematography by   Robert Murphy

Written by Benjamin & Mika Boorem

Additional Writing: Cshediiz Coleman,

Benjamin Lockman, Michael Lindley

Executive Producer   Elizabeth Isely 

Executive Producer   Zephyr Isely

Produced by   Benjamin Boorem


Special Appearance by

"The Boxmasters"

Teddy Andreadis

J.D. Andrew

Billy Bob Thornton

Supporting Cast Includes:

Andrew Ristau,  Christopher T Wood,  Saeed Rahmani,  Ian Ray Keane,  

Navarone Garabaldi,  Jose Pedroza,  Jenny Cho,  Brandon Bernath,  Jade Laverty,  Mia Dixon, Heidi Jo Guthrie, Katie Day,  Chris Yau,  Kojo Asied, 

Saito Tatsuya, Chad Roberts, Gaby De Luna and others...


Some of our recent press for Hollywood.con

Fox News calls the film a CULT CLASSIC watch link below 

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